" Unbelievable. I just don't eat junk food anymore. I really don't even want it. It was funny when my friend offered me a slice of pizza (I use to eat tons of it) and without thinking I said, "no thank you, I'm really happy with what I have". "

New Jersey

I can’t believe I’ve really done it! I was so sure that hypnosis would not work for me. But after working with you, I couldn’t believe the difference in my eating habits. I eat healthier and much less. The really good news is I can now get into all of my old clothes that I refused to get rid of before. I just didn’t want to buy new things; I wanted to wear the things I already had. Thank you, Thank you, for all of your help.

Tom DuBois

"You may think this is funny but I've made it a routine to take a short nap every day with Dr. Gagnon and I've cut my eating back by at least 50% and I don't have to think about it, I just do it. Oh yes, and the pounds just seem to be melting away. This is too cool".

D. Jardine

"I risked it. I was nervous about hypnosis but I had to do something. I was almost 100 pounds over weight and I had tried everything. I mean everything! So I thought 'for a few bucks and a short nap I really can't be any worse off than I am'. What a surprise! Everyday I feel thinner and the scales tell me so. I have shed 23 pounds over the last four months and I am so happy with myself".

D. Samantha
Flora IL

A friend of mine had worked with Dr. Gagnon for smoking cessation and recommended his services. I was really skeptical at first. I knew nothing about hypnosis other than what I had seen in movies and I worried about what kind of weird stuff he might do. On top of that, I discovered he was not local and I had to work with him by telephone. But since he had helped my friend, I said I’m going to follow through. I’m so glad I did.

Toni Vachi

I was highly skeptical of hypnosis in general but, when I dumped the Diet Coke in the sink and started drinking water, I asked, Who is this new person?

St. Louis

I was very unsure about hypnotherapy, especially by telephone but I went to work with Dr. Gagnon anyway. By our second visit I was eating much less and no longer pigging out. I just didn’t feel hungry. I’m losing 1 pound a week, not bad huh? Thank you Dr. Gagnon. Cheryl Royce

Cheryl Royce

* My weight-loss goal suddenly seemed a reality, not some distant, imaginary thing. I stopped craving crackers and ice cream and started craving salad and fruit. I was making conscious decisions to eat better foods and loving the way it made me feel, extremely proud and remarkably healthy. And then the scale began to drop. Adriane Skinner

Adriane Skinner

The message I heard loud and clear was not about food. My eating and gaining weight had to do with my being in grieving. My husband had passed away and I was depressed. When I went to Dr. Leo to lose weight, he first worked with me to clear the old emotions and then we went to work on my eating habits. Thanks Dr. Leo for getting to the bottom of my problems.

Kathy Cooke
Glendale, AZ

It feels so good when someone says, "you look wonderful". What you don’t know is how easy and positive it can be to have Dr. Gagnon help you. I have recommended him to everyone I know.

Sandra Bradley
San Antonio, TX

I've learned to manage my portions. I've removed sweets, fried foods, bacon and the majority of carbs from my diet. I've begun to make great food choices.

Carol Simms
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I have tried every diet including Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, South Beach and my wife's "eat only what I put on your plate" program, all to no avail. I ignored her. With 75 pounds to lose but slowly gaining I wasn't doing very well. With this system, I’m now losing weight consistently. Thanks,

Robert Strong
San Diego, CA

Hypnosis is nothing like I expected. During our sessions, I am completely aware of what is going on and what is being said. Nothing has been said that I haven't heard before, but the relaxed state of my body during the sessions seems to accept the information more readily. I have lost 9 pounds in the first two weeks. Knowing my own body, that is amazing. In the past couple of years, it has been nearly impossible for me to stay with a program for more than a day or two until now.

Janice Leonard
Portland, OR

With a high blood pressure problem salt was not the best thing for me but I love the taste of salt. Now my food always seems to be salty enough as served without adding more. If and when I do reach for the salt, something inside me says to pass. I find that very interesting.

Steve Jones
Minneapolis, MN


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If There Were A Credible Way For You To Lose 4 to 7 Pounds Per Month, Every Month, Without Dieting or Exercising Your Brains Out and Never Gain the Weight Back, You'd Want To Know About It Wouldn't You?

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To complicate matters, commercial weight loss programs cannot address the long term problem of ingrained eating habits so unless you change your mind about the way you eat, losing weight and keeping it off is going to be a difficult accomplishment.

The way you eat and the amount of food you eat have lead to your being overweight and you really can't change it without the right help. Fighting deeply ingrained habits to follow a diet normally requires a lot of will power. Most people get tired of fighting themselves and go back to the old way of eating wrong foods because it's much easier... and then they get fat again!

For you, your learned eating habits have become a way of life and much like trying to stop a speeding train, changing that habit can be extremely difficult. Few people succeed on their own. Many people believe that if "I can just get the weight off, I'll keep it off". It doesn't work that way as you may well know. The truth you may not want to admit is that until the old habits of eating are changed the weight will continue to come back.

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This is where I come in as your hypnotherapist. To successfully get the weight off and keep it off you must do something differently. This time, make having the body you want easy to have and keep. Instead of fighting internally with strained will power enlist your subconscious mind to work with you.
Dr. Leo Gagnon
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Welcome To My World of Extraordinary Change Hi, I'm Dr. Leo Gagnon, Ph.D. with over 4 decades of experience helping people to end their weight loss suffering and truly come alive again. What I discovered in undergraduate school was that all suffering and bad habits, such as eating incorrectly, are not conscious behaviors. That is why dieting is such a struggle. Subconsciously learned patterns cannot be easily altered consciously. My interest in hypnosis was then born. Since that time I have come to respect the potential for "miracles" that each person has.

Hypnosis weight loss may be a novel concept for you if you have never experienced my hypnotherapy but a blessing to those that have worked with me.

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Welcome Back. Your first experience with my hypnosis should have been very pleasant. Notice how you now feel less stressed and more relaxed. You may even notice you're somewhat thirsty. Go ahead, go get a huge drink of water for yourself now. I'll wait for you.

About Your Experience. As you relaxed both physically and mentally you were still consciously able to hear my voice, and know everything I said as I spoke with your subconscious. The "nap" you just experienced was pleasant and relaxing. Perhaps as you listened, your inner mind found a positive suggestion or two that you wanted to follow. If you haven't gotten that drink of water yet, now would be a good time.

Retrain Your Brain And Never Be Fat Again.

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A Diet Is An Elusive Dream That Ultimately Leaves You Struggling With More Failure and Eventually More Fat

The Old Standards. Diets and positive thinking will not get those pounds off nor keep them off! Neither will stomach staples and pills. It's time you know the truth. The incredible stress of a diet is a miserable experience. This is not what the popular weight loss programs say on television but ask real people like your friends and family about any diet. Most will tell you that they have followed every diet only to fail in the end. In a few moments I will introduce you to a breakthrough, long term, weight loss success without diets, diet pills or mega exercise.

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Using My System You Can "Expect Success"

Expect Success When You Push The Plate Away With Food Still On It

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For most people the their bad habits include eating too much, snacking, eating heavy foods, making poor food choices, cleaning their plate, too much sugar and deserts, no exercise, and old habit patterns such as eating two or more helpings. The 7 Programs that will turn your life around are:

  1. Smaller Portions Face it, the larger portions put on the pork. This hypnosis weight loss program specifically helps you to eat smaller portions and be happy, full and satisfied.
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  3. Single Helpings If you have ever eaten more than one serving, you NEED this program. It will be worth everything you invest. This specific hypnosis session will help you to stop after one helping. Look at the money you save, just in food!
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  5. Leavin' Food Just the idea of leaving food on the plate is a traumatic event. Some people just can't. Use this program to leave food on you plate without anxiety.
  6. Better Food Choices Making a choice between mash potatoes and gravy and a really healthy and great tasting salad can be traumatic. Just the thought of eating healthy causes resistance you would rather not fight, so you eat the mash potatoes and gravy and forget all about the salad. Use this hypnosis program to help make the transition to healthier foods easier.
  7. Move More It's simple, you just don't want to exercise. You know you need to but you don't want to. Play this helpful hypnosis session and find your desire to become more physically active increasing.

The 7 Secrets Mega Pack is Simple to use. You only need to play the program of your choice once a day. You can play the program of your choice on your computer or burn a CD and play it anywhere you can play CD's. Not in a moving vehicle please.
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